Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If I started apologizing for all my blogging relapses, this would be one sorry place

So, I got myself a fancy-schmancy new job (*pops collar, slicks hair back*) and have made plans to stick with it. Like, really. While that seems like the lamest line to use to tell you of a job that I'm on way to falling in love with, I stand by its ridiculous simplicity, like I do for my ridiculous everything. What I'm doing now is managing the content of a brand new discount portal and however much I'd like to - let's not take any names yet. For the very first time, I'm doing something that I enjoy so completely that it feels a bit like a dream. Although, doing that has brought some pretty wild trends to my notice, for example - people will buy the most ridiculous shit online (not quite sure if that's a real revelation), but what the hell - I won't pretend that I give a shit about what you blow your money on. Unless it's on a pony, in which case, man, do you rock!

However, a dream job does not necessarily translate into daily double-rainbow happiness. There are days when work's over and I'm like that guy from Napoleon Dynamite instantly labeling it the worst fucking day ever (I know he doesn't actually say fucking in the movie. I'm just paraphrasing.), but I have my moments. I'm making friends with Photoshop and failing abysmally, but I find consolation in being better at Photoshop than the Belarusians are at creating movie posters. Exhibit Un: 

That, by the way is the movie poster for 'Freaky Friday' (whaaaaaaaaat?) in Belarus. Lindsay Lohan looks like that runaway bride chick with the crazy eyes.  Jamie Lee Curtis looks like a transvestite from the future, or Joan Jett.

Anywho, apparently, I'm not the only one going through some major job change, what with Tobey Maguire no longer being a part of the Spiderman franchisee and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos leaving the X-Men seething. I, for one, am most unhappy, sir, with the aforementioned changes so Andy Garfield & Jennifer Lawrence can both go suck it.

Also, I've been toying with the notion of starting a Fashion blog. Taking into account the fact that I was away from this blog for, what's it now, 7-8 months, it seems highly far-reaching but I gotta set some goals, no?

Also, C&D (yours truly) is in love. So much. But that's a story for another time.