Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why people get labeled 'loser', but whoa, the new Blogger dashboard's so shiny and hey, all of Blogger's so damn shiny, probably has been for months now and this is an insight into how fucking sporadically I blog and, wait... what was I talking about again?

Yep. The title could be a book. Get over it.

Until about a few months ago, my reaction all acts of stupidity of any degree was a seething insult, because, you know, no one has the right to be stupid. I understand lack of interest, but lack of intellect - not so much, because don't all of us have more or less the same equipment to get on with?

 I mean, really, what in the name of all that is ghastly is this?

And I'm glad to report that the stance hasn't changed one bit.

Also, Mr. Weather, sir? Will you just stop mucking about what with the ooh-it's-gonna-rain and hah-fooled-ya attitude already? I need some heavy precipitation to get my thoughts in order and write a blog that is bigger than a Tweet. Or one where at least the post is marginally bigger than the damn title.


(And there I go blaming my lack of absolute cohesion on the rain.)