The Bucket is Listorious

Attend Comic Con (International). In costume. Attended India's first ever Comic Con. Toadally by fluke and toadally worth it.
Get a Beetle and drive it along the Pacific Coast Highway. Or the Great Ocean Road in Australia.
Find a job worth falling a love with. Achieved as of February 14, 2011. The date? Not fictitious.

Learn to play the piano/ violin/ guitar.
Failing which, give the damn guitar away to someone who can actually play it.
Experience the fabled Japanese nightlife.
Handle a gun. Fire it if possible. Fired twice, actually.
Learn to fly. Preferably a Cessna. (Funny, considering I'm aviatophobic, but we love a challenge.)
Live like a local in at least 10 countries with extremely varied cultures.
Kiss a dolphin.
Watch bad movie after bad movie over and over again and learn their dialogues by heart for that perfect opportunity to annoy people.
I have an IQ of 136 and puzzles still scare the crap out of me, so I have to deal with a 500-piece giant at least once.
Go to at least 30 music festivals. Tall order? I don't think so.
Write someone their story. Everyone writes their own.
Make a movie a la Reality Bites. Not the movie, but the movie in the movie.
Meet Stephen King. Or nag him until I can.
3 words. German Love Parade. (Also Oktoberfest)
Take a vacation. Not tell anyone. Go AWOL for weeks.
Visit the Père Lachaise Cemetery for Balzac, Morrison, Bellini & Ratan Tata.
Get a pet dog. And cat.
Write an awesome song. About a man.

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